Classic car museum

Do you want to visit a classic car museum with over 80 vehicles from the years of 1901 through 1959? Come on into Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum and see a huge piece of history all in one place!
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Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum is an amazing classic car museum that has been displaying America’s greatest classic car since 1980! We aren’t just a museum, Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum is also home to beautiful conference centers that hosts events such as weddings, business meetings, birthdays, and more. We also do free school tours to educators, and also offer car rentals for special occasions. We are a non-profit museum that works hard to provide a great classic car museum experience.

Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum wants to educate our customers about the impact of American automobiles in the 20th century, and we have hundreds of videos to help bring to life the inventors that drove the innovation of the past century. We aren’t just a showroom, we are proudly a classic car museum and love to teach the evolution of the automobile, this is a great place to take your kids or class, and kids under 5 years old get a free ticket!

Overall coming to this classic car museum is a great place for learning about how that America automobile evolved to what it is today. The automobile changed the way previous generations lived their lives, and at this classic car museum we pay respect to them. Contact us today for more details, or come on by and take a look around. What a better way to get out of the Texas heat than tour a piece of history!