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Searching for Austin wedding venues can be stressful. Avoid the Austin traffic and expand the search to San Marcos and consider Dick’s Classic Garage Event Center!
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Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when it comes to searching for Austin wedding venues. Stop stressing! We have a solution for you, Dick’s Classic Garage Event Center! We are located just a short drive away from Austin, in San Marcos, TX, meaning your wedding will be away from the big city hustle and bustle and in a more relaxing environment. One unexpected perk to choosing our Event Center, we also offer a large variety of vehicles for you to make your grand exit! What a better way to end your big day, than with a memorable exit?

Now, when looking for your Austin wedding venue, don’t let our name fool you. With may be Dick’s Classic Garage Event Center, but don’t think your guests will be roughing it in a dilapidated garage! We house a huge 2,500 square foot conference center tricked out with all the latest when it comes to audio-visual equipment. Our modern venue is beautifully styled and accented with antique automobiles and memorabilia.

When looking for an Austin wedding venue that is sure to be remembered without the hassle of Austin traffic, don’t forget Dick’s Classic Garage Event Center. In additional to a beautiful venue we also have you covered when it comes to tables and chairs, wifi, free parking, and so much more! Planning a wedding comes with so many details already, but when you choose Dick’s Classic Garage Event Center know that we have you covered. Contact us today to reserve your date and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!