Where to See Vintage Cars Near Wimberley, TX

Come to Dick’s Classic Car Garage to see some vintage cars!

If you are interested in cars or anything vintage, Dick’s Classic Car Garage is a place you should check out. We collect classic cars and put them on display for the public to enjoy. Our cars range from the 1900s to the 1950s, a period known as the golden age of the American automobile industry. We also display vintage memorabilia from this era to demonstrate the thoughts and attitudes of the public about these cars during that time. Dick’s Classic Car Garage is the best place to see vintage cars near Wimberley, TX. Whether you love vintage cars near Wimberley, TX or are just interested in history, you will love spending your day at Dick’s Classic Car Garage.

If you have vintage cars near Wimberley, TX that you would like to donate to us, contact us! We will gladly acquire and refurbish cars that are of developmental importance to the American auto industry. By donating your vintage cars near Wimberley, TX, they will be on display for future generations to see and learn about.

If you are a lover of vintage cars near Wimberley, TX and are planning an event, you’re in luck! Dick’s has event rooms to rent out! We have three rooms that are perfect for any event, whether it’s a corporate meeting, a birthday, or a wedding. Our rooms come with many amenities, and have all the space you will need to make sure your event goes flawlessly. Check out our events page to learn more about our event rooms!

Whether you come here for our classic cars, our vintage displays, or our event room, we are certain you will have a classic day at Dick’s Classic Car Garage. So come on by and see all our vintage cars near Wimberley, TX!