Where to See Classic Cars in San Marcos, TX

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Cars are an iconic part of American life. Just like our culture and technology, cars are constantly changing, advancing, and evolving. Because of this, cars show a unique aspect of American culture and history. At Dick’s Classic Car Garage, we recognize this, and have made it our mission to preserve and display automobiles that reflect the history of our great country.

Dick’s Classic Car Garage has a huge display of classic car in San Marcos, TX. The vehicles we have are from the early 1900s to the 1950s, a period often known as the golden age of the American automobile industry. Guests can come and learn about the history of the industry, and how vehicles evolved over the years. To see a complete list of the amazing classic cars in San Marcos, TX we have on display, check out our car list. We also have memorabilia and other neat exhibits related to vintage automobiles.

If you are a collector of classic cars in San Marcos, TX and have something you would like to donate, we will gladly work with you! We can acquire and renovate vehicles that are of historical importance so we can put them on display for future generations to enjoy and learn about.

Since we are committed to the educating the public about classic cars in San Marcos, TX, we offer FREE customized tours to schools! We can focus on many different subjects including math, science, history, and more! Students of any age love learning about our cars and their place in American history.

So if you are interested in classic cars in San Marcos, come on out to Dick’s! We are certain you will love our automobiles on display. Stop by and have a classic time!