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If you’re looking to host any sort event, it is important you select a great venue. But what makes a venue great? It should be able to accommodate the needs of you and your guests to make sure the event goes on without any trouble. Great service is a must have when it comes to searching for reception halls near Wimberley, TX. At Dick’s Classic Car Garage, our rooms come with all the accommodations you’ll need for your event. Whether its a wedding reception or a business conference, we have all the equipment you’ll need, including tables, audio and visual equipment, projectors, and more.

Another thing that makes a venue a great one is its personality. The place you choose to host your event should be one that is memorable, which is one thing that really sets us apart from the other reception halls near Wimberley, TX. Dick’s Classic Car Garage is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the American automotive history by displaying classic cars and memorabilia from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Not only are we a museum, but a reception hall as well! We have three rooms to choose from, including the elegant mercury and cadillac rooms, and the showroom, which is perfect for car lovers! To learn more about our event rooms, check out our event rentals page. Guests to your event will get access to the museum, allowing them to browse the large selection of amazing classic cars on display! Choosing Dick’s Classic Car Garage for reception halls near Wimberley, TX will make your event a classic.

Great reception halls near Wimberley, TX should not only be able to accommodate your needs, but stand out from the rest. Dick’s Classic Car Garage does both! We have everything you’ll need to host a great event, and add a ton of personality with our large selection of cars! If you want to make your event a classic, contact us about our event rentals today!