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Do you happen to be in the San Marcos area? Are you not really a shopper so the outlets don’t interest you? That’s perfectly fine, there are many things to do in San Marcos TX other than go to the river or shop. What you may wonder? Go to Dicks Classic Car Garage!

The unique take into a museum will definitely make you want to come back and find more things to do in San Marcos TX. It’s almost as if we are a hidden gem within San Marcos. We have 80 vehicles all within the 1901 and 1959 time frame to showcase to you. Whether you are a automobile enthusiast or not, we have no doubt that seeing this little snapshot of history will entertain you nonetheless. Come to Dicks Classic Car Garage to find more about things to do in San Marcos TX. We also offer free customized educational tours about our car garage to all schools that come visit! Our most prized possession? Our certified replica of the 1966 Bat-Mobile.How could you not know what kind of things to do in San Marcos TX?

We aren’t only a classic car museum, we also are an event center so we can host all your fun events. Like we say, “an event lasts a day but a memory lasts forever,” make sure you make your event memorable by hosting your event with us. There are plenty of things to do in San Marcos TX, why not host your event at Dicks Classic Car Garage? We can host anything from weddings to club or even company events! You also have the opportunity to choose from 3 different rooms to find one that best fits your style and occasion.