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Planning a wedding is a stressful ordeal. There is so much to plan out, and so many different venues to choose from. You’re likely looking for a perfect venue, one that you and your new spouse will love, and one that will impress all your guest. If so, then you’re in luck, because Dick’s Classic Car Garage offers amazing wedding packages in Wimberley, TX!

Dick’s Classic Car Garage has three amazing wedding packages in Wimberly, TX to choose from! First up is the Cadillac room, which is perfect for those seeking out luxury. The Cadillac room can easily accommodate up to 150 people, and comes equipped with a kitchen and all the audio and visual equipment you’ll need for your reception. Next up is the Mercury room, which is an elegant room perfect for weddings! It can accommodate up to 126 people for dancing and 150 for dinner receptions. Just like the Cadillac room, the Mercury room comes stocked with all the audio and visual equipment you’ll need. Finally, we have the show room, one of our wedding packages in Wimberley, TX that is perfect for lovers of classic cars! The show room comes with 4 aisles of cars YOU get to choose! The show room fits up to 200 people and like our other rooms, comes with all the equipment you’ll need.

When you get one of our wedding packages in Wimberley, TX, we give you other perks aside from our amazing rooms. All guests will get free parking, access to a protected outdoor area, free wifi, and entrance to the museum! So not only will you get to experience our amazing rooms, but the rest of the museum as well! So if you want to make your wedding a classic, contact us about our wedding packages in Wimberley, TX today!