The museum is dedicated to educating our guests about the impact of the American automotive industry in the 20th century.

Dick's Classic Car Garage

Dick's Classic Garage is a part of the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History. Founded in 1980, the museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of the history of the automobile. Originally opened in Rosanky, the museum is now located in San Marcos, TX.

We are a 501(c)3, non-profit museum dedicated to the preservation and display of significant American automobiles for the education of current and future generations. The museum exhibits the evolution of the automobile in the United States and how the industry grew and impacted society from 1901 through the 1950s. The museum will offer free guided tours to schools and develop educational programs for students in several different subjects, from math to social studies to reading.

Dick's Classic Garage currently showcases vehicles and memorabilia from the 1900s though the 1950s. Considered the Golden Years of American automotive manufacturing, the Museum will take guests from the turn of the century to the Great Depression through World War II and up to the rockin' 1950's.

In addition, the museum will acquire and renovate vehicles that are of historic and developmental importance. The Museum's goal is to show today's guests and future generations the evolution of the automobile and how it has impacted society and the effect society has had on the automobile.

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