Dick's Classic Car Garage has new hours

 Starting November 5 we will only be open Saturday and Sunday

Dick's Classic Car Garage

Dick’s Classic Garage is a part of the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History. Founded in 1980, the museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of the history of the automobile. Originally opened in Rosanky, the museum is now located in San Marcos, TX.

Discover the History Behind the Automobile

Dick's Classic Garage currently showcases vehicles and memorabilia from the 1900s though the 1950s. Considered the Golden Years of American automotive manufacturing, the Museum will take guests from the turn of the century to the Great Depression through World War II and up to the rockin' 1950's...

More About Us...

The 1966 Bat-mobile

There is no more iconic superhero car than the 1966 Batmobile. Built by George Barris for the Batman TV show, the new Batmobile was based on a Lincoln Futura show car and we have a certified replica tucked away in our Batcave.

Our Classic Cars ...